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What is Theta Healing® and how can it help you?


Have you ever been curious about what the power of your mind can do? Have you ever wondered if there is an easier, less invasive alternative to traditional medicine that can help you heal your physical and emotional issues? Do you ever feel like there is more of you to discover, but don’t know where to start? If the answer is yes, the Theta Healing® technique may be the instrument you need to access your hidden potential and help you heal yourself and those around you!

What is Theta Healing®?

Theta Healing® is a short but powerful meditation technique and spiritual philosophy, discovered by Vianna Stibal, based on thought and prayer. The way Theta Healing works is through accessing the Theta brainwaves, which are associated with deep meditation and which facilitate learning and intuition. It allows you to hear your inner signals and focus on what your body is trying to communicate to you.

It helps you connect to the Creator Of All That is – the spirit that intertwines and binds all things in existence – without being specific to one religion or any at all. The technique is all about making you more intuitive and teaching you how to be in-sync with your inner gifts in order to be of service to yourself and others.  Based on the concept of quantum physics, which states that everything is made of energy, this technique aims to help you change your vibration in order to feel empowered and ready for the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Why should you be interested in Theta Healing®?

Because it helps your senses withdraw from external factors and allows you to connect with your inner-self, this meditation technique is extremely useful when it comes to discovering and changing your negative thoughts, emotions or memories that are holding you back and causing you pain. If you want to heal your disease or help someone dear to you, if you want to let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs and start living in harmony, or if you want to explore everything the world has to offer by using your intuition, your inner guidance. Theta Healing® is an amazing tool.

How can Theta Healing® help you?

  • Find limiting beliefs, past traumas and negative feelings, release them and replace them with positive, emotionally enhancing downloads
  • Heal physical and emotional pain, diseases and disorders or trauma from abuse, by listening to your body and its story and helping you find connections between your issues and the cause of these blockages
  • Discover the 7 Planes of Existence and connect to a higher source in order to ask for change and healing for yourself or someone else
  • Explore the fascinating elements of nature and connect with your Guardian Angels, spirit animals, crystals and plants, to enhance your healing journey and develop your intuitive abilities.
  • Do anything! The purpose of the Theta Healing® technique is that it can make you access your unlimited potential and give you all the „tools” you need to start working on yourself and others, in order to achieve health, prosperity, success, love and happiness. The possibilities are endless!

Theta Healing® is a way of life. It helps you become more intuitive, it makes you aware of your mind and body. It is non-invasive and taught to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine, but it can be extremely powerful in helping you experience life as a superbeing.

You can read more about people’s experiences with Theta Healing® here and here, or take a look at our sessions and courses if you are curious and eager to learn more about this technique and start practising yourself. Our Theta Healing® Basic DNA course – where you will learn the basics of this technique and start your incredible journey – is taking place between 24th and 26th of October. We’re looking forward to sharing our knowledge with you. You are worthy and deserving of an enchanted life.