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Theta Healing® Manifesting and Abundance Course – Event

Join me at the Theta Healing® Manifesting and Abundance Course, where I will be teaching next to the beautiful Anna Kitney from Bourgeon.

During this two-day course you will be using the ThetaHealing® technique to boost your manifestation ability. We will be doing exercises around clearing blocks, fears, resentments, limiting beliefs and regrets that will unlock the gates to the abundance that is rightfully yours.

For more information and how to book your place, check out a full description of the course.

Prerequisite: ThetaHealing® Basic DNA & ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA
Includes: Vianna Stibal’s Abundance Meditation CD, Manual, refreshments
Certification: You will be certified as a ThetaHealing® Manifesting and Abundance Practitioner, allowing you to use these skills as a practitioner if you choose to.

Your thoughts create your reality. Anyone has heard this at least once in their lifetime. We’ve heard it so much to the point where we repeat it without actually realizing the entire meaning and power of this statement. Your life is a clear reflection of all your thoughts, actions and words you use. And so every thought and word have a direct impact on our manifestations. These are tools we’re using to invite abundance or scarcity in our lives. Your words, thoughts and feelings are vital to the success of your positive manifestations.

Join us in this course of 75% practical experience to learn how to begin manifesting the life you desire.

Organizer: Bourgeon
Teaching: Camelia Miza