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Theta Healing® Dig Deeper Course with Laura Mason

Hello, hello beautiful people…

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to join the wonderful Laura Mason at her ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper course to further train in the digging technique. This two-day course will give you the opportunity to:

  • Release any fears and lack of confidence around your ability to ‘dig’, understand and uncover the roots of issues. During this course Laura will help you clear your own limiting beliefs and make way for the new knowledge presented on this fascinating course.
  • Be able to create a safe, confidential space for your clients to facilitate deeper trust and healing.
  • Understand and avoid the potential pitfalls of misunderstanding when talking to your client (ex. unconscious defence mechanisms, projection, impositions of judgments and values).
  • Learn the purpose of negative beliefs and how they function and how to enable the subconscious to release them easily and permanently.
  • Learn about the role of the inner child in belief systems and how to work with this inner child.
  • Learn, practice and watch live demonstrations of 8 specific ways of ‘digging’ – line of questioning techniques to get to the heart of issues presented by your client.

The result of Laura’s vast experience in the Theta Healing technique as well as psychotherapy, this course puts together a core set of knowledge, theory and ample time for practice, to give you the skills you need to be the best Theta Healing practitioner you can be.

Further information about the course:

When & where:

September 3rd – September 4th

Grange Strathmore Hotel, South Kensington, London

Prerequisite: ThetaHealing® Basic DNA & ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA

Investment: £310

To book your place, you can pay the £62 deposit here

The balance of £248 can be paid on Laura’s website.


A brief introduction of Laura…

Here is what former students say about Laura:

“I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated Laura’s Dig Deeper course. She sets up a deeply safe environment which allowed deep and satisfying work with plenty of time to practice the course material. I particularly valued Laura’s teaching style, she is very clear, sets up an excellent learning environment and created perfect balance in delivering information. Her demos were a joy to witness, she does deep digging, interweaving everything she was teaching us to do with ease. Laura brings added value to theta courses. Her knowledge of counselling and psychological and emotional processes enrich her teaching and are an enrichment to her classes and her students.”

Catherine Shaw, London – Certificate of Science

“Laura brings a wealth of psychological learning and experience to Theta Healing. She also has a passion for healing and good intuitive insight into client issues. A jewel from the Emerald Isle.”

Ian Veryard, London -Certificate of Science

“Laura was very supportive and encouraging during the course, she provides a huge amount of information that underpins the learning & is valuable to deepening the understanding of the digging process. I was apprehensive about digging to begin, by lunchtime this all dissipated. Laura helped to remove this fear. Laura created a space that was safe. I feel happy to recommend her as an instructor.”

Carol Le Q, Jersey