As Certified Advanced Theta Healing® Practitioners, our role is to help you identify, heal and release the blocks, traumas and situations that are causing challenges in your life.

How we work

During the first consultation we discuss your goals, concerns and challenges and will answer your questions related to this technique and the outcomes you can expect. As practitioners, we work from the theta brainwave and with the Source Energy to co-create the changes.

At the beginning of the session the practitioner will ask permission to connect to your energy. During a typical session we use various techniques to help you achieve the results you are looking for: muscle-testing (derived from Kinesiology), intuitive body energy scanning and changing core limiting beliefs and feelings that no longer serve you into positive ones that are for your highest and best and that will make you feel empowered and inspired.

The practitioner will demonstrate how to use muscle testing to check what beliefs (conscious or unconscious) you hold and how these link back to the challenges you are facing. The practitioner will ask for your verbal permission for every belief change and for any healing that is going to be performed.

Theta Healing® sessions work just effectively when done in-person or over long distances.