While sessions can be tailored to individual needs, we also offer the following packages as options addressing some of the overarching topics in spiritual development, as we have experienced them in our work so far. Throughout sessions and programs there is a common thread of belief work that we address that includes aspects of self-worth, self-love, trust issues and fears such as inexplicable phobias or fear of being punished, abandoned etc.

Free Yourself and Reach Out for Your Dreams

Do you feel stuck and unable to move forward in your life? Do you feel that no matter how hard you are reaching for your dreams, there are things holding you back? This program is ideal for those who feel chained in any way, people who feel blocked and challenged by their surroundings, family, friends, partners, culture, etc. yet they deeply value and care for them.

From an energy healing perspective, our souls may have some obligations, contracts and vows to other souls either from this lifetime or past lives. However, these no longer serve us at this moment in life. Negative energies from others - such as psychic attacks, psychic hooks, spells, curses, hexes etc. can also affect our development and growth.

During this program we can help you identify those blocks and help you heal and release anything that is holding you back from living the life you desire. You will learn how to set healthy boundaries and still have loving relationships. This program can create miracles in your life.

All sessions are tailored to individual needs.

Grow Your Intuitive Skills

Do you see yourself intuitive or psychic? Have you ever felt drawn towards discovering more about the spiritual realm? Perhaps as a child you were comfortable with your intuitive nature until you experienced rejection or trauma that forced you to shut down your gifts. If you feel ready, we can support and guide you to re-connect with your true nature. We will help you clear any blocks, past traumas and future fears around using your intuitive skills. Your intuition is a gift you were born with that helps you navigate with clarity life’s challenges, make positive decisions and lead a life of purpose.

All sessions are tailored to individual needs.

Be the Wealth You Desire

Having a sound relationship with money is vital to living a wealthy and abundant life. This program is dedicated to abundance and focuses on identifying your existing relationship with money and wealth and changing it into a harmonious and fulfilling one. The practitioner will be covering different issues and topics related to the nature of money from fear of having more money in your life, worry around money, scarcity mentality, and resentments towards money. Addressing and healing these beliefs and feelings will help you live in alignment with your life purpose and passion. We will conclude this program with a wealth meditation and manifestation to put your new positive beliefs and desires out to the universe, using the Law of Attraction to help attract the abundant life you desire.

This program also includes coaching, practical steps and tips to adopt in your daily life after each session. We believe that daily practice and belief work are both important to get the best results. Committing to them, session after session, will accelerate the healing process and attract the wealth and happiness you desire in your life.

Stage One: Releasing the Old
• Identifying Your Existing Relationship with Money
• Beliefs around the History of Money
• Releasing the Worry over Money
• Scarcity Mentality & Guilt for Wanting More
• Releasing Resentments Towards Money

Stage Two: Creating the New
• Creating & Sustaining a New Relationship with Money
• Adopting a Wealthy Lifestyle: Money Likes & Dislikes
• Living Your Life Purpose in Abundance
• Manifesting the Wealth You Desire Meditation

All sessions are tailored for individual needs.

Tailored Programs

Do you have a specific issue you would like to work on? Perhaps you are looking to address issues around weight and body image, family relations, love and soulmates, your dream career or business, manifesting specific desires in your physical reality…

We are happy to create a package tailored to your specific needs after a free 30-minutes consultation via Skype. Please get in touch for more information.

Individual Sessions

If you have a specific issue you would like to work on in a single session, we offer one off sessions as an option. You can always start with one session and upgrade to an existing or tailored package of your choice.

Cancellation Policy

A 48 hour notice is required to cancel or change your appointment, otherwise the full single session fee will be charged.