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Are you a Rainbow Child? Here are a few things you need to know….


A new wave of Star children has come to Earth. Sensitive, gifted and intuitive, the Rainbow Children are here to heal our planet by showing us that love and compassion are the new values humanity needs to be built on, by reflecting our distorted values and clearing out the harmful energy in the World.

What are Rainbow Children?

These wonderful souls with spirit bodies of incredible vibrations have come to Earth to assist in the transition to the future New Earth, by implementing the Divine Will. In other words, they are the children who came to help build a world in which old, conservative, fear-based values are no longer the base of society. They came here to spread love, positivity and forgiveness through their strong will and energy, and lead the New Earth, by continuing the work of Indigo and Crystal Children.

Indigo Children

The Indigo Children, the warriors of the old paradigms, are the ones who came to Earth to help break down barriers and clear negative values which used to lead the World. They are here to challenge existing traditional forms that no longer serve our society. The Indigo Children are the wise souls who first forged the path to a New World.

Crystal Children

The Crystal Children, sensitive but fearless spirits full of love, are here to lay the foundation of the New Earth. Often, parents of Rainbow Children, their mission is to build on the old paradigms that the Indigo Children have broken, to raise the vibrational frequencies of the Universe and teach society that harmony and peace can be the new form.

Characteristics of a Rainbow Child

Rainbow Children, however, are the ones with new mesmerizing abilities and characteristics. They are here to lead by the power of example and can change humanity by simply existing. Intuitive light workers, they have very high energy, strong wills and personalities and can often be labelled as stubborn. In reality, these children are here on a mission, which is why exterior factors are often a distraction from their true path. Their auras shine bright and they are often attuned to colour vibrations around them, as would be expected.

Highly enthusiastic and creative, they are full of joy and forgiveness and possess incredible emotional mastery, being able to shrug off low energy and vibrations. Entirely fearless and extremely psychic, Rainbow Children can read people’s feelings but they never judge others, reflecting your traits back to you in order for you to change.

Rainbow Children are incredibly gifted and powerful. They have healing abilities and can easily manifest anything they think of. Telepathic and intuitive, they may not talk until three or four years old, as they are constantly connected to the Divine Energy and can effortlessly communicate through their thoughts. These wonderful souls are all about giving, as their purpose is to change the World through the power of love and compassion.

It is believed that Rainbow Children possess no karma, this being their first life on Earth. Recently incarnated for the first time, they usually choose harmonious families, where they can fulfill their mission in a loving, peaceful environment, unlike Indigo Children, who choose dysfunctional families in order to change negative patterns.

Parenting the Rainbow Children – Challenges and Tips

As they are only beginning to come into the World now, Rainbow Children can be a mystery to many, and quite a challenge for the lucky parents who are nurturing these gifted kids. As a parent to a Star Child, the key is to remember that they are different, and therefore need you to be sensitive to their needs and support them accordingly.

Rainbow Children can often be more powerful and energetic than other children, which is why you need to be patient with them. Trying to make them conform to strict rules and inhibit their high energy will not work with these kids. They will require you to put aside old parenting paradigms and create new ones. Try to have discussions on a friendly level and always tell the truth, as they can sense lies very easily. Maybe try considering the option of homeschooling or alternative schooling methods.

They are not needy kids. They are all about service and will give to you more than you can ever give to them. All you have to do is love and encourage them. Let them express themselves in creative ways, support their unique mindset and offer them an accepting, loving environment to develop in. In return, they will offer you unconditional love and forgiveness, and help you raise your vibrations alongside them. Remember that they chose you to help them bring their message to the world!


Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children are here to show us the way, to guide us into transitioning to the next stage of emotional and spiritual growth. They are the special wave of saviours, who need to be understood, supported and followed, on their journey to making the Earth a better place for all of us.

If you want to explore the wonderful world of Rainbow Children, discover and harness your special gifts and intuitive abilities, you might want to take a look at our Rainbow Children Course. During this one week course, you will be guided to learn new powerful techniques that can help you get in touch with your inner self, communicate with angels, plants and animals, use telekinesis and change auras, or heal yourself and those around you.